Welcome to the River Of Grass - Illustrated by Laura Regan
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Wildlife Painter & Children's Book Illustrator
Welcome to the River of Grass

Written by Jane Yolen
Illustrated by Laura Regan
G.P. Putnam's Sons
In the Everglades, inches deep and miles wide, mystery abounds. What may look like a smooth, silent carpet of flowing grass is actually a world teeming with life. Amid tree islands and mangrove roots are animals on the prowl. A tuft-eared bobcat gives an eerie yoooooowl, a raccoon carefully washes his food, an osprey guts a fish, and an alligator waits with shroudlike eyes for a redbelly turtle to swim too close. From creatures that fly to those that crawl, here is the cycle of life in the Everglades, presented in lilting, poetic words and lush, dramatic images. A perfect armchair tour through a surprisingly vast array of wildlife in a swampy strip unlike any other place on earth.
- Selected as a 2002 National Science Teachers Association Children’s Book Council Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children - 
- Nominated for the Florida Reading Association’s 
Children’s Book Award 2002-2003 -
From Booklist:
"This poetically written exploration of life in the Everglades shows, in both language and illustration, the startling beauty of this region. Yolen uses imagery, repetition, and internal rhyme to evoke the somnolent pace of the Everglades throughout the day. The watercolors all but exhale the humidity of the place, so good is Regan at depicting the hot wetlands … Add this powerful book to Yolen and Regan’s other books about the enivronment" 
Artwork © 2001 Laura Regan
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