Welcome to the Ice House - Illustrated by Laura Regan
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Wildlife Painter & Children's Book Illustrator
Welcome to the Ice House

Written by Jane Yolen
Illustrated by Laura Regan
G.P. Putnam's Sons

Selected as a 1999 outstanding Science trade book for children  


"The spareness of the arctic landscape lends itself to a picture book elegant in painting and poem. Yolen's confident hand with verbal rhythms has never been more evident. The unforced musical language is a pleasure to read aloud. Regan's double-page paintings use an icy palette of blues and whites to create a sense of chilly beauty and mystery. As the seasons change, the artist allows color to creep in gradually until summer on the tundra bursts forth in a riot of yellow poppies and blue lupines. Flora and fauna are rendered with meticulous accuracy... The friendly language and stunning art will pull in preschoolers and introduce them to environmental wonders...an excellent introduction to an ecology unit for elementary grades... It will be a cold heart that is able to resist this beauty.
- Sally Margolis, Barton Public Library, VT
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Before I started illustrating this book,
I knew it would be challenging to depict 
the stark icy winter landscape spreads, 
so I had to concentrate 
on the subtle color changes. 
I enjoyed painting the walrus herd the most. 
Each walrus seemed to develop his own comic personality!" 
 © 1998 Jane Yolen - Text / Laura Regan- Artwork